Book Review

Book Review: Worth the Chance by Stella James


worth the chance

Obviously I’ve been living under a rock, if this is the first time I’m reading a Stella James novel. I know I suck, but at least I can say I know Stella and think she’s amaze-balls. Now I can say she’s an amaze-balls author too!

Worth the Chance is book 1 in the Blue Falls series. I seriously want to be friends with Lily and Cole, and all the other amazing charters we meet in this first book. This book was one of those books that quietly grabs you and has you slip into this new world with characters who are so realistic that you just cant help but love them. This story had me wishing for Lily to get her HEA and loving Cole for being a man to love a women with a rough past.

I immediately grabbed book 2, then book 3 plus the two novellas in the series and hope I finish them just in time for book 4’s up coming release so I have no down time away from Blue Falls. Stella can I live in the reality you have created?

To say I loved this book is an understatement. I love to read to escape my reality, and the world I slipped into with Stella’s book was the perfect distraction from the real world.

5 Stars!


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