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Book Review: Sunshine Bleeds a Black Edge by A. Wilding Wells


I have read every single book the A. Wilding Wells has written. I jumped at the chance to read a advanced readers copy of Book three in The Wild Things Series. A. Wilding Wells has such a different style of writing that makes the reader desperate to know what the story is surrounding the characters. All of the character are so quaky and different from anything else you’ve every read, from their names to their personalities. Wells has such a way of give the characters such chemistry with such drama, confusion and turmoil that a reader can get very emotionally invested in the characters.

This book was no different. We get to meet Ruby who ran away from her small town home, and the love of her life after graduation. She makes a huge life for herself in Paris as a runway model. But back home she left Rebel without any words and with no explanations. Now Ruby is back to move her mother and brother into a new home. Coming home is not the home coming Ruby was hoping for because Rebel hates her. Rebel wants answers to why Ruby ran away from him, but will he get the answers he wants, or will Ruby continue to be a Martyr in order to protect the people she loves, including herself. Some secrets need to stay hidden while others always have a way of coming out.

This book was an emotional one for me. It tugged on my heart and made me feel for both Ruby and Rebel. But the end is perfect! This book like the two previous would make a perfect television series! Wish all of Wells visions could come to the screen for us to live in for awhile.  I’m now in a book hangover and desperate for more of the unconventional stories from Wells. Guess I’ll have to wait till her next release.

5 Stars!



Ruby Mae
Some people would say running away from your problems won’t solve them, but it might have saved me. I was the only one who knew the truth about the events of that unforgettable night, or so I thought. My glamorous life in Paris as a world-famous model was a great distraction and ensured I didn’t dwell on the past. I tried to forget everything I lost, until an anonymously sent box arrived and flipped my world upside down. The contents of it my ruin, but was it also the answer to my seventeen years of whys? And if I go back home, will the man I left behind still be waiting for me?

I have no right to stake a claim to her even though I told her I’d wait for her in our tiny hometown of Snowvale, Wisconsin.
So maybe I lied. Sure, I moved on. Well, sort of. Yeah, I married, had a kid who’s cool as hell and now a teenager. But here I am, still running my successful hardware store, and claiming the title of the most eligible bachelor in town. I ought to be over the moon with my life, but it’s missing one thing. Her. Ruby Mae Rose. And local gossip says she’s coming home. Will she finally give me what I’ve always wanted—Answers and a Forever?
Murder, mystery, darkness, and comedy collide in a tornado of small town family drama wrapped in second chances. Addictive, quirky, all-too-human characters, meets heartwarming, un-putdownable page after page of surprising twists and turns.
Sunshine Bleeds A Black Edge is the third full-length contemporary romance in The Wild Things Series. It’s told in alternating points of view and can be read as a standalone. a.wilding wells


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