Book Review

Book Review: A Vow of Thorns by R. Scarlett

review-aA Vow Of Thorns

I received an advanced readers copy in exchange for my honest review. I have read books 1 &  2 of Molly and Tensley’s story and I’m in love. I’m a fan of paranormal romance, and this series has always struck me as something new and different. This paranormal series has to do with Demons and Daemons. These two have been fated to be together for over 300 years. This is also a modern twist on a beauty and the beast love story. He’s the beast who is a demon. He is a ruthless killer, who’s only goal is his family and the protection of them. Demons aren’t aloud to fall in love, they can not give their hearts to anyone because that is weakness. Honestly, they don’t even have a full heart to love. Then we have Molly who is referred to as human, but she’s really a daemon. However she doesn’t know all that means. She’s not truly human, because she has powers and she feeds that power to Tensley which is making him very strong.

This third book, these two finally give in to each other and a relationship is formed. As much as Tensley can h loves Molly and wants to protect her. That is until Fallen the king of the Demon’s calls Tensley to court. Fallen is dangerous, and can’t be trusted. How are Molly and Tensley going to hide their secrets from the King while everyone else is out to get them?

This series is fast paced, with sweet moments, that give way to scary reality of the world these tow are trying to live in. The story grips you and takes you on a roller coaster ride where your only hope is that the Beauty is able to love her Beast. This book has me in a book hangover that will take a while to get over. Plus it left me wanting to know what happens next!

4.5 Stars


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