Book Review

Book Review: Detour by Kacey Shea

review (1)REVEAL-COVER-Detour

I received an advanced readers copy of Detour by Kacey Shea in exchange for my honest review.

This story is a rock star romance. We get to meet the band 3 Ugly Guys, which is actually four guys, but one is an old timer. Trent is the unofficial leader of the group. They are heading out on their first tour where they are the stars. The record label wants a girl for the opening act, in walks Lexi. We learn right away that Lexi’s dad is a famous musician, but she doesn’t want to use his name to help her career. Lexi is all about her music and is staying away from the hot looking lead singer of 3UG. Trent does everything he can to show Lexi that he’s no a man whore, and that he wants her. It is a interesting romance that is sweet and tender but for me seemed unrealistic. These guys and gals are thrown together on a tour bus spending hours together and Trent does seem like a man whore, and it seems impossible to believe that Lexi is going to change his whoreish ways.

Even with this the story is cute, easy to read story. The writing is well done, in Kacey’s usual style.

4 Stars

Detour Release 2.99


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