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Book Review: More Than Want You by Shayla Black

More Than Want Youreview-a
I received an ARC of More Than Want You in exchange for my honest review.
This is book one in this series from Shayla Black. I’ve loved her other books and collaborations, so really wanted to give this one a try.
This story is first set in Hawaii, which is nice and different. It has a lot of music references so if you don’t know music, some little things might be lost on you. The story is about Maxon and Keeley. Maxon is a very wealthy and very determined real estate agent, arguably the best in Hawaii. Keeley, is more of a free spirit, she landed on the island three years ago and hasn’t left yet. She works odd jobs as she’s also in school part time. The idea is that Maxon wants to find a women to distract his brother whom he hasn’t spoken too in three years, so that Maxon can win the rights to sell this amazing mansion worth 30 million. When he finds Keeley, he thinks sh’s perfect for the revenge he’s seeking. However, Keeley doesn’t want to send bad karma into the universe and thinks that Maxon and his brother need to talk and work things out. These two are such an unlikely pair. They truly are the ideal, when you think about opposites attract. Can these two work together and find what they really want, each other?
This was definitely a different read. It was good, but not great. I had a hard time with the way Maxon starts out so strong and alpha like and within one chapter he starts to flip. I understand Keeley had made an impact on Maxon which had him questioning things, but I’m not sure how believable that is in such a short amount of time. Other wise the book was good, definitely a fun read, and definitely want to read book 2.
4 Stars


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