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Book Review: More Than Need You (More Than Words, Book 2) by Shayla Black

review-a02 MoreThanNeedYou

I received an advanced readers copy of More Than Need You, Book 2 in the More Than Words Series by Shayla Black, in exchange for my honest review.

This story can be read as a stand alone, but I wouldn’t advise it, because book one and book two overlap a few days (about 10). This is Griff and Britta’s story. Griff had a huge falling out with his brother/business partner that caused him to break up with Britta (the love of his life) and never look back. He was such a dick about it all he wouldn’t answer any of Britta’s calls or emails. Fast forward three years, and Griff is ready to get the girl back. At this point his world implodes because he learns when he shut Britta and his brother out three years ago he also shut out his son. Britta found out she was pregnant after the break up and did everything she could to tell Griff, when he didn’t reply she assumed he didn’t want anything to do with his child.

Britta’s tried to do it all on her own. She has been alone since the day Griff left without looking back. She has found a good man and is trying to move on with her life, when the one man she truly loves walks back into her life and wants to have a relationship with her son. Britta is afraid to hope, afraid to open her heart up to being hurt again and is scared to believe Griff has changed. Griff forces Britta into giving him 60 days to prove he’s changed and that he can be a good father and a good husband.

This story was such a great read that twisted me up emotionally that it may be days to recover from this story. Shayla has a way of making her characters so real, and their stories so gripping that you can’t help but fall for them and rout for them to get their HEA. This story gives you that and so much more. It’s sweet, and stressful and heart wrenching but ends with a HEA.

4.5 Stars


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