Book Review

Book Review: Their Virgin Nanny by SC Daiko

review (1)SCDaikoTheirVirginNannyBookCover3D1(1)

I received an advanced readers copy of Their Virgin Nanny in exchange for my honest review.

This story is what the title says, It’s about two seemingly gay men who live in London raising their two children with the help of a full time, live in nanny. When their nanny gets engaged they know they need to find a new one, but the task is difficult until they interview Eleri. Gabe and Luke are both completely attracted to Eleri, but know they need to keep their hands to themselves. Eleri is young, naive, and a virgin who is totally turned on by these two hot men, even if she thinks they are gay. Little does she know, they are actually bi- and enjoy adding a women to their bed on occasion. 

These characters are actually pretty well developed, for such a cheesy story. It’s fast, flirty and fun to read. You don’t get emotionally attached to the book, and you don’t get sucked in, but what you do get is a hot, sexy fun little story that is easy to read. For me this book helped bridge the gap between a super heavy book hangover I was having and the need to move on from it. This was my ‘rebound’ book, so to speak. It was well written and a cute story that again was easy to read and took my mind away from the book hangover.

Of course, this is a menage story, with MFM, MM, and MMF sex so if that’s not your cup of tea you might want to find another book. But if you believe that relationships like this exist and can work then this will be an enjoyable read.

4 Stars


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