Book Review

Book Review: The Submissive Muse by Tiffany N. York

The Submissive Muse by Tiffany N. York

4.5 stars
I received a coy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Elizabeth is morning the loss of her husband and Dom. It’s been one year since he died and that’s all she promised him. She’d promised to not do anything harmful to herself for one year. Her husband knew his death would through her into a depression so he made her promise to survive for one year. Just when it seems she has nothing to live for a stranger appears to her.

This story was not at all what I thought it was going to be. It was sad and confusing and heart wrenching and amazing all in one. This story was a testament to the human spirit. I cried and laughed while reading this story. While BDSM is a theme of the story it is truly not a huge part, more like a background. So if your more vanilla this is a story you can enjoy. This definitely was a sad story but not at all dark. This story does deal heavily with mental illness. The characters are very realistic because they are so developed.

The story changes POV so we can see Elizabeth’s fear and heartache as well as John’s determination to bring Devan into Elizabeth’s life for her own good. We also get to see into the mind of a person with manic tendencies like Devan. Again this story is very hard to read due to the emotions I felt reading it, but those emotions were real. This story, this writing, force you to deal with the reality of John, Elizabeth and Devan’s story. There is a HEA with the character who you route for.

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