Book Review

Book Review: Act of Mercy (PSI-Ops / Immortal Ops #1) by Mandy M. Roth

4.5 Stars

I picked up this book when it was offered for FREE on Amazon and I heard about it via Bookbub.

I love paranormal romance novels, especially ones that are different the the ones your used to reading. So the idea of a group of shifter being a special ops working military style missions was perfect. This is my first book by this author but I loved how this book being #1 in he series brings in all these big burly shifters into such incredible vivid characters that you learned to love and now I can’t wait to read more because of all thee incredible characters I got to meet in this book.

This book is about Duke and Mercy. Duke is a were-wolf shifter who is pretty old, fighting in the American Civil War. He has the funniest interaction with Mercy who is a super brainy nerd with an eccentric style. She calls him to get information to these ‘brother’s’ of the test subject she’s come across. Β Mercy is trying to do the right thing, after releasing the company she’s working for is filled with bad guys who are hurting others.

I love the interactions between Duke and Mercy. It was funny and scary and sad and intense all at once!

Great story! Now to grab the rest of this series.



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