Book Review

Book Review: Prince Samuel (Alpha Bear Princes, #2) by Lily Cahill

Prince Samuel
4.5 Stars

I had a few minutes of ‘me time’ between ARC’s and Editing jobs so I could finally read for fun. I know, a crazy concept. But I love paranormal romance novels and I’m always looking for new ones so when I stumbled upon this Alpha Bear Prince books I read the first one and was hooked.
Book two, Samuel’s story, is similar to book one. Samuel grew up being raised by someone other then family believing that his parents had died when he was a child. He’s a shifter but doesn’t believe there are many others like himself out in the world. So he’s clueless to being a prince for the whole shifter world. He’s building a house and meets Frankie. She’s his building supplies and is not a guy! Which is a shock, until he starts to get feelings like this women is his mate. Sparks begin to fly between these two. It’s a cute story with some suspenseful parts. I really enjoyed those book, and the rest of those in the series.


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