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Our Mission:

We are a network of authors, bloggers, readers and designers who are offering our help to new authors in the form of a one-stop-shop at either no or  very little cost.

Our Menu of Services:

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Editing- Starting at $10 per 10,000 words. For more information look at Editing Service tab.

I am one of several editor’s proofreaders and beta readers that are ready and willing to help indie authors with any questions they have as they prepare their manuscript for publication. Our goal is to help you put the best possible wok out to the public. I have years of experience as do the other amazing ladies on our team. Why not give us a try to help make your novel shine?





Covers- Starting at $25

The first thing readers notice is the cover. It’s the first look into what your book is about. The cover conveys the tone, nature and attitudes of your story. It has to grab the readers attention just as much as your writing.

Covers, Banners, Teasers and Edits are all important tools that an author needs to utilize in order to promote their novel. The ladies on our team have such incredible talent at making eye catching designs.


ARC Reviews

Release Blitz

Blog Tour


An author needs to have their name known, and their book needs publicist. While the teasers and banners definitely help, promotion is the next step. Our team will help with reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, as well as their own blogs. We will promote cover reveals, new releases, blog tours, as well as sales blitz to help you book gain all the exposure it needs to be successful.

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