I am relatively new to the world of Book Editing. However, that doesn’t mean I lack experience. I have a BA in English Literature (Think Ana Steel~ Fifty Shades of Grey) and went on to get my Master’s Degree in Secondary English Education which is just a fancy way of saying I teach Middle and High School students English. Which is why I’m in edit mode every time I read. I’ve been a Free Lance Writer for a major newspaper company for five years. Plus I’ve been a book blogger for almost 2 years.

But Please look around and see that I offer very reasonable prices and read some testimony I have from authors I’ve worked with.

My goal is to make your book the best possible product to give to the public to make you succeed.

Author TC Rybicki: Jenny Dillion is a great resource for proofreading and editing. She worked thoroughly and timely on my manuscript. I’m appreciative for her reasonable rates and her open line of communication. She also went above and beyond to promote my release to her followers. As a new Independent author, it’s important to me to gain visibility and I truly appreciate Jenny’s support. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.
*Edited and Proofread Harmony by TC Rybicki*

Author Lexi C. Foss: Jenny is AWESOME! I love working with her because she’s efficient and provides timely feedback. She’s also an excellent communicator, and very friendly. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for reliable proofreader who catches all the silly mistakes we so often miss as authors.
*Proofread Blood Laws and The Prince’s Game by Lexi C. Foss.*